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Our drawings are compatible with AutoCAD and other popular CAD software, and the output you receive will be personalised to match your exact requirements. Whether you need a .dwg file, .dws, .dwt, or .dxf, we’ll make it happen. Our CAD drafts can also be stored in electronic format for later use.

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As with anything in life, planning makes perfect. In the architecture and construction sector, even the smallest of errors can produce catastrophic consequences. That’s why our seasoned CAD veterans use the most advanced CAD software to automate traditionally manual drafting to ensure there is zero room for error while making project budgeting simpler.


As a reliable BIM service provider, Cadshop Limited supports a long list of global clients with our broad domain knowledge, proficient workforce of competent BIM engineers, and unmatched qualitative results. We use Autodesk Revit to deliver personalised, reliable BIM services across the AEC industry, from design development to shop drawing development, to drafting, detailing, and beyond.

Shop Drawings

Cadshop Limited produces comprehensive fabrication drawings for its esteemed clients, from part and assembly drafts to 2D and 3D site layouts.

Structural Steel
Shop Drawings

Replace outdated manual drafting with automated steel detailing for buildings, bridges, elevators, commercial complexes, and more where every stage of the process must be handled with caution by expert detailers.


We make site measuring simple and seamless through the power of automated precision and accuracy down to the millimetre. No more outdated tape measures or laser levellers that achieve little more than room for error and forgotten measurements.


Get an unadulterated overview of your project’s geometry, dimensions, and component locations at a glance. From walls to windows to doors – and even plumbing fixtures – we leave no stone unturned and no element undrafted.

3D Laser

Armed with our state-of-the-art 3D laser scanning equipment and infrastructure, our proficient team can quickly and confidently capture complex and accurate plant and pipework data. Our goal is to lower field time while eliminating manual labour and tightening your project timeline. Our 3D laser scanners are compatible with AutoCAD and CloudWorks.

Estimating Services

Save time and money with accurate cost estimations ahead of schedule. Avoid costly errors or detrimental mismatches between estimates and drafts down the road, with a detailed cost-breakdown and complementing 3D model.


Cadshop Limited is as committed to the success of your project as you are. We’ll be the partner you can trust at every stage of the journey, taking the time to analyse and understand your unique requirements to guarantee the results you demand.

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